A manufacturing organization that manufactures, fabricates and assembles injection molded products located in Muskegon was experiencing an average of 22.3% annual turnover in their temporary workforce.  Their hourly wage was below average for their industry and labor market and rarely was there opportunity for the temporary employees to be offered permanent positions. After reviewing the current screening, testing and interview processes Staffing Inc. was able to pinpoint several problem areas. Staffing Inc. worked closely with their Production Manager and Accounting Manager to develop an action plan to improve retention within their permanent and temporary staff.  Together we truly understood the affects of turnover on the total cost of employment and the positive cultural and financial impacts on the business if lowered.


  • Co-developed written test relevant to the job specific requirements
  • Group behavioral on-site interview
  • Realistic job descriptions
  • Co-developed new hire orientation including a plant tour
  • Co-developed customized handbook
  • Active employee relation management system
  • Weekly on-site presence and participation in key meetings


  • Turnover reduced by 54%, lowering the average turnover rate to 10.4%
  • 100% beneficial partnership, partners since 2005
  • Annual savings of $38,045.87