Manufacturing Engineer - Staffing, Inc.

Location: Grand Haven, MI

Compensation: Yearly at $60000.00-$80000.00

Job Description-Grand Haven, MI Location

INTRODUCTION: This full-time salary exempt position reports to the Grand Haven, Michigan Plant Manager. It is solely accountable for the fulfillment of all assigned duties and has authority delegated commensurate with assigned responsibilities.

MANUFACTURING ENGINEER: The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible/owner of the various plant processes. This position is to define, maintain, and continuously improve our processes resulting in a safe, defect free, and efficient process

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Include, but are not limited to:

a) Define, maintain and trouble shoot various production processes including but not limited to machining, welding, assembly, etc.
b) Implement, maintain, and monitor process control and stability at key process steps
c) Address quality, scrap, and rework issues from the process using proper problem solving methods (8d, 5P, etc)
d) Implement process improvements to reduce labor, improve quality and increase equipment uptime. Planned and executed properly with appropriate robust design, poke-yoke and safety requirements.
e) Develop and maintain MIOSH requirements and hazardous assessments and required plant inspections.
f) Support maintenance on major equipment issues/rebuild/repair.
g) Oversee our continuous improvement program and lead selected improvement ideas to completion.
h) Maintain and update operator work instructions
i) Any additional duties that have not been specifically stated, but which may be assigned and those that are logically and properly inherent to this position.

a) Minimum 5 years of previous experience in the manufacturing/process engineering or related fields.
b) Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering or related field.
c) Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, AutoCAD
d) Work safely abiding by all State and OSHA standards, company policies and safety policies.
e) Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds in various positions to include but not limited to; kneeling, standing, stooping, twisting, bending.
f) Experience with Lean Manufacturing processes.
g) Experience in welding in a production capacity
h) Experience in process control, SPC, and PFMEA’s, problem solving


  • Start as Soon as Possible
  • Start Date: 03/07/2017

Contact Information

  • Phone: (616) 451-8955

Job Number: 231455

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