Operator I - Staffing, Inc.

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Compensation: Hourly at $10.50-$11.00/hr

A Grand Rapids company is looking for Packers on 1st and 2nd shift. This company manufactures and supplies the world's premier food companies with value-added, innovative butter products.
Work as a team to turn raw goods into finished products for grocers, wholesalers, restaurants, and institutional food services. All operators are responsible for operating equipment and performing all responsibilities in a safe manner to produce a quality product through following and maintaining quality systems and food safety procedures. Operators produce ready-to-eat food that is consistent, high quality and safe for customers to consume.

Punching Station
Summary: Puncher is responsible for starting the packaging process by taking product from conveyor to punch station.

Individual tasks related to the duty.

1.Remove product from conveyor belt
2.Inspect sheets of product prior to placing onto puncher (foreign objects/temperature/die form)
3.Place in punch unit
4.Extract product from plastic by placing on puncher and pressing palm button
5.Catch product with tray under pressing punchers
6.Inspect tray to ensure pats meet quality standards and there are no foreign objects
7.Place waste (plastic sheets) in receptacles
8.Notify team leader if product is not coming out correctly
9.Load trays off the side to keep line running
10.Clear any jams of product coming out from the tunnels
11.Clean area during shift and prior to break/end of shift.
12.Work out of cooler when product runs out
13.Meet production and standard rate.
14.Follow all safety rules and precautions
15.Utilize designated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
16.Quality – look for air in product, look for grease/oil on trays, careful with uniform sleeves to make sure sleeves are not dirty from oil/grease from lines

Lifting Station
Summary: Responsible for taking outgoing finished product from machine to packaging.

Individual tasks related to the duty:

1.Inspect product prior to placing in packing box, bagging or stacking
2.Place product in case
3.Lift trays, tubs or bags and place into case
4.Count layers, bags or tubs to ensure proper amount is being placed into case
5.Lift case(varies from 7 to 25 pounds) and stack onto cart
6.Clean up spills of product at end of line prior to break/end of night
7.Meet production standard rate
8.Follow all safety rules and precautions
9.Utilize designated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Flavor area

1.Throw blocks into grinder
2. Lift tubs and place into magazine feeder
3.Place supplies in filler
4.Remove product from production line
5.Inspect product
6.Place product into packing box
7.Tape boxes and prepare for shipping
8.Meet production standard rate
9.Follow all safety rules and precautions
10.Utilize designated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

High School Diploma or GED – no previous production experience necessary, though is preferred.

Recognized education alternative:
10th grade education with at least 2 years production experience

Work Keys: National Career Readiness Certificate preferred

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
•General math skills for counting of layers
•Good hand-eye coordination
•Ability to consistently follow process including standard work instructions
•Ability to work effectively in a team environment
•Rotate as requested to other production worker functions
•Ability to read and understand instructions including inspection tags
•Ability to produce quality ready-to-eat food product
•Excellent attention to detail
•Ability to adhere to strict quality standards
•Patient and conscientious to produce high quality products in a timely manner
•Ability to work at a consistent, fast pace for extended periods of time

Working environment: Production environment (cold temperatures may range from 45 – 65 degrees).

$10.50 +shift differential


  • Start as Soon as Possible
  • Start Date: 10/19/2016

Contact Information

  • Phone: (616) 451-0511

Job Number: 228643

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